I review the Acebeam EC35 II with high-CRI Luminus SST-20 from Killzone Flashlights. This light is unusual in its segment for emphasizing color accuracy, and unusual in its size range for emphasizing throw distance.

It uses an 18650 battery and has USB-C charging, plus a powerbank function.


The Thrunite Archer Mini is a small flashlight with a non-removable battery, USB-C charging, and a very green LED


The Skilhunt M200 is a medium-size everyday carry flashlight with an optional high-CRI LED, USB-magnetic charging, and a magnetic tailcap.


* Rovyvon A1X replaced with A1 USB-C
* Sofirn SP10 Pro added
* Skilhunt M150 updated to Nichia 519A
* Lumintop FW3A and FW3A removed because the company makes random, usually detrimental changes to the product line
* Removed MF01 Mini because most options are sold out
* Added Convoy M3C
* Removed Convoy S11 (most people should probably get the M3C instead)

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Review: Skilhunt M150, a slim EDC flashlight with high output, great color rendering, USB-magnetic charging, magnetic tailcap and the ability to use AA batteries


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